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I recorded this using my Blackberry but the quality seems good. Also I sound like a man LOL not sure what the deal is there, must have been trying to keep my voice down? Anyway it was my first video and I hope to do more, let me know what you think!

I stopped in at Winners this weekend looking for some ELF palettes I had seen last time and not purchased. Unfortunately there were none left but I did manage to find a few other things!

First an OPI polish I had to have, I love the color! Like a dark plumish-red.

Lately I’ve been trying to find compact sized make-up or smaller sizes to put in my purse. I also take a bag with me to Shawn’s on the weekend and would like to have to carry as little as possible. When I found this I fell in love! A small black clutch-like palettes with eyeshadows, blush, highlight and lip gloss!

And last but not least, I came across a 3-brush set from XOXO and I thought they were so cute! There is a foundation brush, powder brush and one for eyeshadow.

All those goodies and it cost me under $40! The eyeshadows are very nice and the nail polish looks great! Living in Canada, Winners is a great place to find beauty products for a much more affordable price!

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