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I recorded this using my Blackberry but the quality seems good. Also I sound like a man LOL not sure what the deal is there, must have been trying to keep my voice down? Anyway it was my first video and I hope to do more, let me know what you think!

I came across this amazing lip balm awhile ago and decided I should do a post about them already! EOS – Evolution of Smooth, makes body lotions, shave cream and these cute and effective lip products! They look a little different then conventional chapsticks, and are too cute!

EOS lip balm

They are gluten, paraben and petroleum free! Not only so they look cute and do wonders for your lips, they smell yummy as well. I recommend picking one up (or two!) and trying them. I promise you’ll fall in love too!

I recently picked up this new polish from OPI. When applied over an already dry polish it cracks to create a “shattered” look. I thought it looked really neat and I wanted to try it.

I paired it with a dark pink polish and got this result (Forgive my messy job, I’m not very good at painting my own nails :P)

Overall I’m very impressed and I like it a lot! You definitely need to apply a top coat though, because the Shatter polish is fairly matte. Easy to do and what an awesome effect! I think it cost me about $12 and so worth it!

I recently found this website and I thought I would talk about it as my first CTO! (check this out!)

It’s called Skin Deep. Basically you type in a product and it will tell you numerous things about it. You type in a product and it will give you a number from 1 – 10 rating it’s health concerns and hazard level. For example I used: Aveeno’s Clear Complexion Moisturizer. This is what it looks like…

Full page here.

Overall, this is rated at a 6, which is moderate. Then further down the page it lists the product’s ingredients and THEIR rating and associated health concern(s).

I highly recommend bookmarking this site and checking on some of the products you use daily. Even the most UNTHINKABLE companies and products are bad news bears. Keep your skincare from low to moderate and try to avoid products rated at a 7 to a 10. Stay healthy and beautiful!

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